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Polaroid photograph of Earth from space.

First Earth Rise, Apollo 8, 1968. New York Public Library Digital Collections.

The Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website, a significant leap forward in the organization’s digital presence. The website, bibsocamer.org, promises an enhanced user experience on desktop and laptop computers, as well as smart phones and tablets. Its dynamic interface design emerges from the latest trends in web traffic and consumption, and new features such as the member login area and member directories help our members to get more from the Society and connect with one another.

Funded with generous support from the Delmas Foundation, the Peck Stacpoole Foundation, and the Pine Tree Foundation of New York, the new website was designed to introduce new audiences to bibliographical studies and improve access to BSA programs from any device. With mobile devices accounting for 58% of global web traffic in the first quarter of 2023, the BSA’s commitment to providing a seamless mobile experience is more pertinent than ever.

“Our redesigned website reflects not only our dedication to building awareness of bibliographical scholarship but also our responsiveness to the changing digital landscape,” said Erin McGuirl, Executive Director of the BSA. “We believe that this new platform will raise the profile of bibliography in the humanities by making our mission, resources, and programs more accessible to scholars, students, and bibliophiles worldwide.” Read more

The BSA’s new website offers streamlined navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore a wealth of resources, like our new public and private member directories. The site also features an intuitive interface that opens multiple pathways for users to learn about the field of bibliography and the Society’s role in fostering bibliographical scholarship. As the preeminent scholarly organization dedicated to the study of texts as physical objects, the BSA has long been a hub for inter-professionally and interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. The new website will further empower the Society to share valuable information about its mission-supporting programs and initiatives with a global audience of experts and newcomers alike.

We invite members, partners, and the bibliographical community to visit the new website and discover the enriching experiences and scholarly resources the BSA has to offer.

For more information about the Bibliographical Society of America or to request further details about the new website, contact Executive Director Erin McGuirl at executive.director@bibsocamer.org.


A screenshot of the new home page at bibsocamer.org.

A screenshot of the new home page at bibsocamer.org.

BSA members: log in to access your account & member benefits

BSA members can now log in to access member information and benefits, including the private directory of members. Once logged in, members can update their profiles (including preferences for the public and private directories and for communications) and see a summary of their service commitments and past donations.

To activate your account, visit https://bibsocamer.org/membership/login and follow the prompts. Your member account is connected to the email address where you receive the BSA newsletter.

Not a member, or not sure if you’re a member? If you receive the BSA newsletter, you can log in and check your membership status anytime by following the instructions above. Non-members will be prompted to join, lapsed members will be prompted to renew, and active members will see when their current membership will expire.

Credits & acknowledgments

The design and launch of the BSA’s new website was a major undertaking, with contributions from BSA members, staff, and supporters making this transformation possible. Thank you!

Volunteers & BSA staff

The BSA’s Digital Strategy Working Group collaborated with Executive Director Erin McGuirl and the BSA’s graphic designers to bring this project, and BibSite, to life from 2020 to 2024. Their attention, creativity, and tireless efforts created a new vision for the BSA website and brought it to life! Thanks also to members of the BSA Council who contributed their time to test the new site and to Sarah Werner for developing the Society’s communications style guide and copy editing the new site.

Digital Strategy Working Group members are:

  • Jeffrey Barton

  • Megan L. Cook

  • Jeremy B. Dibbell (Vice Chair)

  • María Victoria Fernández

  • Rodger Friedman

  • Erin McGuirl (Chair)

  • Erin Paulson

  • David Pearson

  • Neil Weijer

Philanthropic support

The BSA’s website redesign was supported by the following foundations (in alphabetical order). On behalf of the entire BSA community, thank you for your generous support of this ambitious project!

  • Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

  • Peck Stacpoole Foundation

  • Pine Tree Foundation of New York 

Design & media strategy

The new website was designed by Julia Novitch and Ghazaal Vojdani and programmed by Julia Novitch and Alejandro Bellón Ample.

Natalie Young of the Trophy Club collaborated with the BSA Council and Executive Director on media strategy and content development.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to gather qualitative feedback in the form of general comments and general reports of errors, omissions, broken links, and typos. Please follow the link below to share your thoughts with us on the website redesign.